The world of online casinos has greatly evolved over the years. With new and advanced casino providers rising almost every day, gambling enthusiasts now have more opportunities than ever to play! Among the many casino games, online slots have become a favorite among most casino players. And since you’re here,Continue Reading


Online casinos are offering a multitude of rich promotions and bonuses today. Online slots fans get to spin the reels, which mostly contributes to the completion of their 100% playthrough gameplay. These bonuses are spoiling these fans a lot nowadays. But many beginners usually find it difficult in figuring outContinue Reading


As technology grows, the casino world has also greatly improved. The introduction of online casinos has been, by far, the best thing for gambling enthusiasts. Over the years, online casinos have evolved and are more optimized today. Consequently, you can find several mobile-friendly casino slots, which makes online gambling easierContinue Reading

Double Slots: Additional wheel to be played after a coin. You’ll either double or lose your winnings. Fruit Machine: Popular British variant of the slot machine. Hold: A button thatallows you to stop one or more reels from spinning. Jackpot: Paid out to the winner, the amount varies according to how many coins are played orContinue Reading

Video Slots History – Origins of Video Slots The Video Slot game can trace its roots back to the One Armed Bandit you’ll find in any casino. The first mechanical slot machine was invented in 1897 by Charles Fey and had three reels with ten symbols on each reel. TheContinue Reading