Glossary of Video Slots Terms

Double Slots: Additional wheel to be played after a coin. You’ll either double or lose your winnings.

Fruit Machine: Popular British variant of the slot machine.

Hold: A button thatallows you to stop one or more reels from spinning.

Jackpot: Paid out to the winner, the amount varies according to how many coins are played or whether it is a progressive slot machine or not.

Maximum Coins: In order to get maximum cash amount from the jackpot, some machines require you to put the maximum amount of money you can bet into the slot.

Multi-line slots: Slot machines that have more than one pay line.

Nudge: Classic slot machine feature. After spinning, the nudge control allows you to move the reel one place forward.

Online Slots: Slot games which are available to play on a website

Pay line: Cuts across the reels with the symbols on the line denoting the result. Some video slots have more than one pay line.

Progressive slot machine: The jackpot will keep increasing until someone wins it, and will then start over at the minimum amount. The money for the jackpot is directly proportional to the number of players on the linked machines in land casinos.

Reels: slot machine has between three and five reels with symbols on them. When the arm is pulled or the mouse clicked, the reels are spun with the result shown by what symbols are shown on the pay line.

Slot: The game gets its name from the slot with which you put in money to play a traditional slot machine.

Slot Machine Download: Many online casinos require you to download their software before you can play their slots.Always check that it is compatible with your computer.

Symbol: These are the pictures shown on each reel, such as diamonds, bells, spades etc. If the three symbols match up on the pay line, a prize is awarded.

Video slotsSlot machine fitted with a random number generator, which allows a huge number of symbol combinations, therefore allowing the owner to provide bigger jackpots.

Wheel of Fortune: Comes with a special mounted wheel, which spins when the winning symbol appears. You will then have the chance winning the wheel of fortune jackpot.

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